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(Competitors are responsible for making their own arrangements with accompanists for the festival)

Please note: Venues are not very close together. It will be unlikely that accompanists can be scheduled in two different venues during the same session. Please keep this in mind - especially vocal accompanists.

Tzenka Dianova, Victoria, all instruments, all levels. Phone: 250.294.1902 (preferred contact), Email: tzenka@gmail.com. Please note: if contacting Dr. Dianova, please carefully list exact performance date and time, venue and complete repertoire (including movements), so that she can quickly figure out if she is available.

Kelly Charlton, Victoria, voice and strings, all levels. Phone: 250.889.7613, Email: intunekc@shaw.ca

Csinszka Redai, Victoria, voice, all levels.  Phone: 250.891.3482, Email:csinszka@csinszka.ca   

Braden Young, Victoria, Phone: 250.893.4880, Email: bradenjohnyoung@gmail.com

Jannie Lo Burdeti, Victoria, all instruments especially strings and clarinet, and voice, all levels. Phone: 250.332.0089, Email: jannielo@gmail.com Please note: Ms Burdeti is not available for the evening of May 31.

Yoomi Kim, Victoria, voice, all levels. Phone: 250.208.1951, Email: yoomijunkim@gmail.com

Erin Crabb Zipper, Victoria, all instruments and voice, all levels. Phone: 1.608.616.4802, Email: erinzipper@gmail.com (email contact is best)

Nancy Sheeley, Victoria, voice, all levels. Email: nancysheeley@gmail.com

Julian Greenwood, Victoria, all instruments and voice, all levels. Phone: 250.294.4647, Email: jkgreenwood@shaw.ca. Note: as much advance notice of the date, time and repertoire as possible.

Clarisa Morrison, Victoria, voice, specializing in Musical Theatre, all levels. Phone: 250.658.5812, Email: clarisamorrison@yahoo.com

Charlotte Hale, Victoria, voice, flute and strings (other instruments if needed), all levels. Email: halec@uvic.ca Note: If contacting Ms. Hale please indicate date, time, venue and repertoire, including movements)

Forte Zhang, Victoria, all instruments and voice, all levels. Phone: 250.813.0715, Email: forte.zhang@gmail.com

If you would like your name on this list, please contact us.

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