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        The 2018 Festival is May 29 - June 2!

The 2017 festival is in the history books!

All Paperwork for the BC Provincial Festival has been updated for 2017.
This section contains all the paperwork that you will need for your Provincial Candidates for the 2017 Festival. National forms for Provincial-National Competitors will be updated when received. Here you will find:

Adjudicator Signature Forms for each discipline, Participant Welcome letters, local festival provincial information collection forms, all required National paperwork and 2017 Choral entry forms.

Please note that each competitor recommended from your festival must have attained a minimum mark of 85 in two solo classes. Should any questions arise, the Provincial Office will contact you to check your records.

Competitors to the Provincial Festival are to be entered online again this year with the exception of Choral groups. Choral Groups will still be using a standard form that must accompany each entry. All entries must be in the database by midnight May 12th, 2017. No late entries will be accepted. Choral entries must be received by May 12th, 2017 and all payments must be received by May 19th, 2017 unless arrangements for late payment are made with the office.


Please print off the pages that are required for your festival. Each discipline is a separate PDF.

Single discipline festivals (dance and speech arts only) – please print off two copies of the pages you need. Multi discipline festivals should only require one of each page.

The completed forms may be scanned and sent as attachments or mailed to the festival office and must be received by May 25, 2017 to complete the registration process for your competitors and observers.

You may enter as many Observers as you like in any category. New for 2017: Dance Signature forms only have room for the Competitor and an Alternate. There is now a specific Dance Observer Signature form. Music and Speech Arts has space for 1 alternate/observer per level. Please have your adjudicator indicate whether this second name could be a competitor if required in which case they are the Alternate. Please send as many Observers as you would like and use the “Extra Observers” form to do this.

        Adjudicator Signature - Brass
        Adjudicator Signature - Chamber Group
        Adjudicator Signature - Classical Voice
        Adjudicator Signature - Guitar 
        Adjudicator Signature - Musical Theatre
        Adjudicator Signature - Piano
        Adjudicator Signature - Strings 
        Adjudicator Signature - Woodwinds
        Adjudicator Signature - Speech Arts
        Adjudicator Signature - Ballet
        Adjudicator Signature - Modern Dance
        Adjudicator Signature - Stage Dance
        Adjudicator Signature - Dance Observers
        Adjudicator Signature - Extra Observers 


As in previous years, these letters contain most of the information that competitors need to know before arriving at the Provincials. Please ensure that each of your Provincial Participants is given a copy for their division. 

Music Participant Letter and Information for 2017 Provincials               

Speech Arts Participant Letter and Information for 2017 Provincials
Dance Participant Letter and Information for 2017 Provincials       
Observer Letter and Information for 2017 Provincials 



These forms are used to obtain the information at the Local level from your Provincial competitors and to get this information back to the person responsible at each festival for inputting the data into the database. Please print off as many as you require. They do not need to be sent to the Provincial office.

Solo Music Performers

Speech Arts Performers

Dance Performers

Chamber Groups
Observers - Music and Speech Arts
Observers - Dance 


Starting this year, the National Festival requires Choral entries to be submitted as mp3 or the equivalent Apple format, files. .wav files will not be accepted. As winning choral entries are forwarded to the National Festival, PABC is asking that choral entries be submitted in this format as well.

Choral Entry submission

1. Email subject line: Choir Name, Festival Name, National class number

2. Label each audio file with the name of the song only

3. Attach both song files to the same email as well as a complete PDF of each piece of music, labeled with the name of the piece only. All identifying marks must be removed from the music. (Each email should have 4 files attached)

4. If possible, please attach a scan of the entry form too

5. Email to pafestival@gmail.com

Unfortunately original entry forms and entry fees ($75) per choir must still be sent by mail. This year there is a provincial choral entry form, see below, which is a fillable PDF. Please only hand write if absolutely necessary.

For this year only and only if absolutely necessary, PABC will accept CDs and original music and will make the conversions in the office. By 2018, only digital files will be accepted. If CDs and sheet music are submitted, only one copy of each need be sent.

All choral entries must be received by May 12, 2017.

Choirs continuing on to the National festival will have their National entry fees paid by PABC. PABC will complete National entry forms for choirs.

2017 Choral Form


ATTENTION PROVINCIAL NATIONAL CLASS COMPETITORS: The National Festival will be held in Ottawa from August 8 to 12. National competitors must arrive on August 8 and remain at the Festival until August 13. If you are unable to make this commitment, please do not enter the Provincial National class.
In order to compete in the 2017 Provincial Festival, all Provincial National class competitors must arrive at the Provincial Festival with their National forms fully completed. You do not need to complete the travel information and accommodation sections. Sections that must be completed are personal information, full repertoire, biography and all sections that require a signature. These forms will be collected at registration, along with a cheque for $200 made out to PABC, dated for June 1, 2017, as a deposit for fees payable for the National Festival. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification. Those that are not selected will have their forms and cheques returned to them that day. Please note: each member of a Chamber group must fill out a complete set of forms.

2017 National Festival Syllabus
Useful information for the 2017 National Festival
National Competitor Entry Forms - this is a fillable PDF
Competitor Code of Conduct and Dress Code
Accompanist form




Each festival in good standing will be able to access the online registration system. The registration system will open on March 1 and each festival will have received the link and their usernames and passwords at this time.  To be ready to enter your competitors, please have each completed local entry form in front of you and know whether your festival pays the entry fees, or each individual competitor. Payment will be by cheque or PayPal from either the festival or the individual.

Please enter each competitor only once – Canadian Piano, All Instruments Canadian Music, Vocal Variety and Speech Arts Shakespeare classes, may all be entered at the same time as a competitor’s main entry. The only exception to this may be a competitor who is a member of a Chamber Group as well as a soloist. In that case, their ‘brief’ information will be entered twice.

Registration closes Friday, May 12, 2017.

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