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National Music Festival, Sackville, NB,
August 12 - 16, 2018
Team BC 2018

Eunice Park, 1st place, Woodwinds

Sophie van der Sloot, 2nd place, Strings

Trio Liscio (Annis Lee, Sabrina Juan, Charmaine Yang), 2nd place, Chamber

Heather MacLeod, 3rd place, Classical Voice

Nicole Linaksita, 3rd place, Piano

Jason Gordon, 3rd place, Brass

Isaiah Brabazon, Guitar

Jen Shannon, Musical Theatre

         Team BC at the National Festival

The following represented BC at the 2018 National Festival:
Nicole Linaksita, Piano
   Heather MacLeod, Classical Voice
    Jen Shannon, Musical Theatre
    Sophie van der Sloot, Strings
    Eunice Park, Woodwinds
   Jason Gordon, Brass
     Isaiah Brabazon, Guitar
        Trio Liscio - Annis Lee, Sabrina Juan, Charmaine Yang, Chamber Music

 BC was represented by the following choirs (by recording only)
Class 100:  Nove Voce, Robin Norman, director
Class 101: Acafellas, Sheila Johnson, director
Class 102: BC Girls Choir - Seniors, Fiona Blackburn, director
Class 103: St. Thomas More Collegiate Chamber Singers, Johnson Lui, director
Class 104: Kelowna Secondary School Chamber Choir, Sheila French, director
Class 105: District 57 Tapestry Singers, Carolyn Duerksen, director
Class 106: St. Thomas More Collegiate Grade 9 Choir, Johnson Lui, director
Class 107: BC Girls Choir - Juniors, Fiona Blackburn, director
Class 108: York House School Grade 7 Choir, Benila Ninan, director

And the following choirs placed in their respective classes:       
Class 100: Nove Voce, 2nd place
Class 101: Acafellas, 2nd place
Class 108: York House School Grade 7 Choir, 2nd place

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

The 2019 National Festival will be held in Saskatoon, SK, August 6 - 10.

 Please follow the link for more information on the National Music Festival, including the Syllabus:




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